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MISR Near Real Time (NRT) Level 1B2 Terrain Data V001

MI1B2_TERRAIN_NRT_1 is the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Near Real Time (NRT) Level 1B2 Terrain Data version 1. It contains Terrain-projected Top of Atmosphere (TOA) Radiance, resampled at the surface and topographically corrected, as well as geometrically corrected by PGE22. It is used for MISR Near Real Time processing and is derived from session-based Level 0 input files and provides the climate, modeling, and general atmospheric research communities a unique set of atmospheric parameters associated with the observation of cloud frequency, height, and motion. It contains gridded retrievals of cloud top height (CTH) and height-resolved cloud motion vectors (CMV) at 1.1 km and 17.6 km resolution respectively, in addition to retrievals of the cross-track component of cloud motion gridded at 1.1 km resolution. Retrievals are recorded across the 380 km MISR swath and distributed as a single HDF-EOS file for each orbit.

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