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MISR Near Real Time (NRT) Level 2 Cloud Motion Vector parameters V001

MI2TC_CMV_HDF_NRT_1 is the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Near Real Time (NRT) Level 2 Cloud Motion Vector (CMV) parameters version 1 data product. It provides retrievals of the height-resolved cloud motion determined from two multi-angle image triplets, each spanning a 3.5-minute window. The CMV product offers both Level 2 datasets available in near real time (NRT) for rapid response applications such as numerical weather prediction and Level 3 datasets aggregating observations over longer time scales to facilitate climate studies. Level 2 NRT CMV datasets are distributed within three hours of satellite overflight as HDF or BUFR format files comprising data collected over a 10 to 50 minute observational session. Level 3 CMV product datasets are distributed as NetCDF format files comprising data collected over the course of a month, season, or year. The MISR CMV product is closely related to the MISR Level 2 Cloud product. Level 3 MISR CMV product datasets consist of high quality subsets of CMVs reported in the operational Level 2 Cloud product. The Level 2 NRT CMV product is generated by the same sequence of algorithms as the operational Level 2 product and yields nearly equivalent results. Additional information on the performance of the Level 2 Cloud product can be found in MISR Level 2 Cloud Quality Statement. CMV product algorithms are detailed in two Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs), the Level 2 Cloud ATBD (pdf) and Level 3 CMV ATBD (pdf). The first describes the raw CMV retrieval and the second describes additional quality control procedures applied afterward for the CMV product. This document assesses the Level2 NRT CMV and Level 3 CMV products that share the same underlying algorithms and science content. It is composed of sections documenting expected CMV precision and accuracy, known differences between Level 2 and Level 3 CMV, and known limitations of each product.

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