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NPP Grassland: Tumugi, China, 1981-1990, R1

This data set contains four ASCII files (.txt format). Three files contain monthly above- and below-ground biomass data, one data file for each cold meadow steppe studied from 1981 to 1990 at Tumugi, Xingan League, in eastern Inner Mongolia, China (approximately 46.10 N 123.00 E Elevation 191 m). The fourth file contains climate data recorded at a weather station located in the study area for the length of the study.The Tumugi study sites consist of three different natural steppes dominated by Filifolium sibiricum, Stipa baicalensis, and Leymus chinense, respectively. Measurements of above- and below-ground live biomass were made monthly throughout the growing season (March to November) by clipping 1.0 m2 quadrats and sampling 1.0 m2 soil pits to a depth of 1.0 m, respectively. The study areas had been protected from grazing since 1976.Above-ground net primary productivity (ANPP) was estimated at 155 g/m2/year (average for the three steppes, based on peak above-ground living biomass). Peak live below-ground biomass was used to estimate below-ground net primary productivity (BNPP): 968 g/m2/year for the F. sibiricum steppe; 983 g/m2/year the Stipa baicalensis steppe; and 1,022 g/m2/year for the L. chinense steppe. Above- and below-ground biomass data were compared with simulation results from the CENTURY model. Simulated data agreed reasonably well with the observed data (within +25%).

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