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  • Geoton-L1 multispectral images from Resurs-DK

    Geoton-L1 multispectral images from Resurs-DK Multispectral highly detailed-resolution optoelectronic sensor from "Resurs-DK" satellite that has circular sun synchronous orbit. Archival satellite images are presented by panchromatic data (580-800 nm) with 2,8 m spatial resolution and multispectral data (green - 500-600 nm, red - 600-700 nm, near infrared - 700-800 nm) with 3-5 m spatial resolution. Swath with of the system is 8-16 km. Data can be used for solving disparate issues in agriculture, ecology, cartography, construction, forestry, natural resources inventory and emergency situations monitoring.

    Links: Temporal Extent: Spatial Extent:
    Minimum Bounding Rectangle: -90 -180 90 180

    CEOS_EXTRA Short Name: RDK1_GTNL1 Version ID: 0.1 Unique ID: C2231912423-CEOS_EXTRA