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  • MSU_SK data from OKEAN-O mission, 1999-2001, IRE CPSSI archive

    OKEAN - Russian-Ukrainian mission, data were collected during OKEAN scientific program from board of OKEAN-O1 satellite, processed in NC OMZ (Scientific Center of Operational Monitoring of Earth of Russian Aerospace Agency), and stored in IRE CPSSI (Center of Processing and Storing the Space Information in Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences). MSU-SK - visible and IR scanner with medium resolution, optico-mechanical scanner. MSU-SK stands for Multispectral Scanners with Conical Scanning. MSU-SK has 6 spectral channels in 0.5-0.6, 0.6-0.7, 0.7-0.8, 0.8-1.1, 3.5-4.1, and 10.0-12.5 mkm spectral bands. Its spatial resolutions are 157x245 m (for visible and near infrared channels in 0.5-1.1 mkm band ) and 590x820 m (for infrared channels above 3.5 mkm).

    Links: Temporal Extent: Spatial Extent:
    Minimum Bounding Rectangle: -90 -180 90 180

    SCIOPS Short Name: IRE_OKEAN_MSU-SK Version ID: Not provided Unique ID: C1214611735-SCIOPS