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  • Image 2007 European coverage

    The Image 2007 collection is composed by products acquired by Disaster Monitoring Constellation 1st generation (DMC-1) satellites over European countries (plus Turkey) in 2007. The data provided in this collection are 32m multispectral images captured by the DMC SLIM-6 imager sensor, with two processing levels: • L1R Band registered product derived from the L0R product • L1T Orthorectified product derived from the L1R product using manually collected GCPs from Landsat ETM+ data and SRTM DEM V31 data Data disseminated come from the following satellites belonging to DMC-1 constellation: • UK-DMC-1 • Bejing-1 • NigeriaSat-1 Spatial coverage: Check the spatial coverage of the collection on a _$$map$$ available on the Third Party Missions Dissemination Service.

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    Minimum Bounding Rectangle: -90 -180 90 180

    ESA Short Name: Image2007 Version ID: NA Unique ID: C1965336917-ESA