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  • China-Brazil Earth Resource Satellite (CBERS) 1, 2 and 2B Data Catalog

    [Source: INPE Image Catalog web site, ] DGI/INPE's Image Database presently contains images cast by Landsat-1, Landsat-2, Landsat-3, Landsat-5, Landsat-7, CBERS2 and CBERS-2B (China-Brazil Environment Resources Satellite) satellites. All images are fully cost free when requested (via Internet). These images are (by default) sent via FTP to the users for downloading. It can rather be recorded on a CD media and mailed to the user, what implies costs (media plus mailing) driving the user to register at the Users Assistance Service (ATUS) for tax payment and shipment procedures. Users that order images on a CD media, will be granted with an FTP bonus dispatch for the requested images, by courtesy of ATUS. Users registered at the ATUS service are able to request any item in the Catalog ; users not acquainted to ATUS service can only request those items which are cost free. The '$' symbol will be showed attatched to the enclosing border of each (quicklook) charged item in the Catalog, in order to distinguish them form free ones. More Information:

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    Minimum Bounding Rectangle: -90 -180 90 180

    CEOS_EXTRA Short Name: CBERS_DATA Version ID: Not provided Unique ID: C2227472287-CEOS_EXTRA